Information on Risk Management Report Select a topic

| May 16, 2019

Information on Risk Management Report Select a topic of your project from the list. Every project/business is different – you need to use project  management concepts to manage your selected project and need to think through the hazards and  controls required in your project/business for yourself. Develop a risk management plan and risk  management policies relevant to your project/business. With this in mind you should consider having the following in your report: 1. Description of your project – project details (background, benefits, objectives, constraints, key  assumptions, expected outcome). 2. A scope, a start and finish date and a monetary value associated with your project/business. 3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and work Schedule 4. A Gantt chart 5. Stack holder analysis 6. Communication planning 7. Risk management plan and risk management policies relevant to your project. Document  potential risks, a planned response to each risk, and allocate responsibility to specific team  members for implementing the response and timeframes for the responses.  8. Allocate ratings to each potential risk according to your project’s risk management policy.  Structure/Format of Management Report:

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