informal report

| March 14, 2016

PART I: Informal Report

Organizations depend on an effective flow of information between employees, supervisors, and work teams; written reports fulfill several important roles that impact decision making processes. Reports can keep superiors updated, create a record of a complex project, aid in problem identification and problem solving activities, and connect various divisions or departments within an organization. Routine reports keep managers informed about completed tasks and projects, and leaders can study challenges encountered in business in order to plan for the future.

You have graduated and are now considered a valuable employee within your organization. Recently you have identified a specific problem, or need, at your workplace and you would like to bring it to your supervisor’s attention. Based on your idea, you would like to propose a change that would improve your organization. The change might affect only your unit or the whole organization. It might relate to productivity, products, sales, training, customer service, management, employee benefits, marketing, hiring processes, company image, etc. (Be creative.)

Impressed with your initiative, your supervisor asks you to write her an informal memo report in order to help her understand the issue and your recommendations more clearly.

Your Task:
Write a well-organized recommendation/justification report (often called an internal proposal) addressed to your instructor (as your supervisor.) Your report should accomplish the following goals:

? Introduce the problem with a clear purpose statement
? Present your intended recommendation, solution, or action
? Explain the benefits of your proposal (emphasize reader benefits)
? Include outside support (cite in-text) to add credibility to your ideas.
? Outline steps necessary to solve the problem
? Discuss pros, cons, and possibly costs associated with the plan

Additional Assignment Instructions:
? Length: 3-4 pages. (2 ½ pages does not qualify as three pages; NOTE: the three-page minimum does not include the references page.)
? Outside Support: Include a minimum of two outside sources to support your ideas and add credibility to your conclusions.
? References Page: Include a properly formatted APA references page as a last page. (See p. 448 for a sample reference page or visit the online Library and select “APA citation” under the “Quick Links” area.)
? Headings: Develop clear headings and include subheadings within at least one section of your report.
? Format: Use memo format for your report (See Figure 11.4 on page 378). Address your report to your instructor (supervisor). Identify second and succeeding pages with appropriate headings. (See Headings on page 432.)

Possible Topic Ideas:
1. A new product or service at your organization isn’t making money, and you identify the cause as a marketing problem. You might analyze the product’s image, advertising, or position in the market to come up with a solution.
2. You think that employees would benefit from a training workshop aimed at (conflict management, diversity, sexual harassment, ethics, improving employee absenteeism, time management, etc.)
3. Employee’s personal computer and Internet use at work has gotten out of hand and you believe an email/computer policy needs to be established. (Consider another company policy that should be implemented.)
4. To remain competitive, your organization needs to seek greater community involvement to boost its public image and you have several ideas (philanthropic programs, charitable donations, volunteering.)
5. Recommend the purchase of new equipment or technology (to improve security, service, etc.)
6. You believe your organization should offer an on-site daycare or fitness center for employees
7. You think your organization should be doing business on a global scale
8. You believe your company should be doing background checks on employees and consultants
9. You have an idea for an initiative to improve customer service
10. You believe your company should institute an emergency/threat management plan
11. You think it would be beneficial for your vet clinic to offer a spay/neuter day at a reduced cost to the public.
12. Be creative and come up with an idea. Confirm your idea with your instructor, prior to beginning your project.

PART II: Presentation

A few days after submitting your written report to your supervisor, you receive the following message:

Your Task:
? Create a 6-8 minute creative, engaging, well-organized presentation that will persuade decision makers to accept your idea. Your intended audience will be the decision-makers in your organization. Do not simply copy and paste or read the content from your written report.
? Create a 5-10 slide PowerPoint to support your oral delivery. Your visual aid should follow design and formatting guidelines discussed in Chapter 14 and classroom lecture material.

The following categories of your presentation will be evaluated:

1. Introduction
2. Organization & Development of Main Points (body of work presented)
3. Conclusion
4. Visual Aid
5. Delivery

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