Influence of Built Environment Perceptions on Physical Activity among African American Women

| December 26, 2015

Influence of Built Environment Perceptions on Physical Activity among African American Women
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I need a literature review (including an abstract) composed that summarizes themes and findings from the following list of published manuscripts:

1. J. Wilbur, S. Zenk, E. Wang, A. Oh, J. McDevitt, D. Block, S. McNeil, and S. Ju, Neighborhood characteristics, adherence to walking, and depressive symptoms in midlife African American women. Journal of women’s health (2002) 2009/07/28 (2009) 1201-1210

2. K.M. Whitaker, P.A. Sharpe, S. Wilcox, and B.E. Hutto, Depressive symptoms are associated with dietary intake but not physical activity among overweight and obese women from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Nutrition research (New York, N. Y. ) 2014/04/30 (2014) 294-301.

3. L.L. Strong, L.R. Reitzel, D.W. Wetter, and L.H. McNeill, Associations of perceived neighborhood physical and social environments with physical activity and television viewing in African-American men and women. American journal of health promotion : AJHP 2013/02/13 (2013) 401-409

4. E.R. Siceloff, S.M. Coulon, and D.K. Wilson, Physical activity as a mediator linking neighborhood environmental supports and obesity in African Americans in the path trial. Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association 2013/05/15 (2014) 481-489.

5. A.Y. Oh, S.N. Zenk, J. Wilbur, R. Block, J. McDevitt, and E. Wang, Effects of perceived and objective neighborhood crime on walking frequency among midlife African American women in a home-based walking intervention. Journal of physical activity & health 2010/08/05 (2010) 432-441.

6. A. Dulin-Keita, H. Kaur Thind, O. Affuso, and M.L. Baskin, The associations of perceived neighborhood disorder and physical activity with obesity among African American adolescents. BMC public health 2013/05/07 (2013) 440.

7. B.B. Brown, C.M. Werner, K.R. Smith, C.P. Tribby, and H.J. Miller, Physical activity mediates the relationship between perceived crime safety and obesity. Preventive medicine 2014/06/26 (2014) 140-144.

8. H.J. Adamus-Leach, S.K. Mama, D.P. O’Connor, and R.E. Lee, Income differences in perceived neighborhood environment characteristics among african american women. Environmental health insights 2012/12/12 (2012) 33-40

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