Individual Research Project 2015

| October 22, 2018

Individual Research Project

GAP in Bangladesh

Plants that make the clothing sold by
Gap are often sub-standard and some have collapsed killing workers. What can the company do when it does not own
the manufacturing facilities, but buys products from them? The company’s reputation is at stake.

Clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh
from who Gap purchases its supplies often provide unsafe working
conditions. When accidents occur, Gap
suffers blame, though it does not own or manage the facilities. What can the company do to protect its image
as well as those who manufacturer its products?

This research project will identify
the risks that are associated with GAP as it operates in Bangladesh. There are factors that will shape, change,
and cause GAP to re-assess their operations for how they conduct business in
another country such as Bangladesh. It
is critical for GAP to identify, understand, and deal with these factors in
order to be proactive, and successful, as well as to maintain a good
reputation. Through this research paper, I will identify specific
country business risks associated with GAP in Bangladesh, will determine the
type of risks that they pose, and will address those risks effectively with
recommendations for improvement.

GAP’s company profile will be
assessed, providing information on the company’s distinctive characteristics,
operating requisites, and the culture and philosophy of the company. The country analysis framework is intended to
provide an analysis of the country’s indicator, the tensions and imbalances,
heritage and structure, ideology, institutions and change, and firm specific
constraints and strategies. Economic
Ideology will be discussed regarding efficiency vs. fairness, and the economic
risks will be assessed as well as firm strategies, and options for business

This research will also address the
economic, political, and cultural differences in the country environment, the
basis for these differences and the business risks they entail. Various tools and diagnostic models will be
used for analyzing the social issues and changes that affect GAP’s
operations. In closing, the research
will evaluate alternative strategies that GAP can use to adjust their operations,
and will provide recommendations to successfully manage national cultural and
government relations issues.

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