Individual IMC Account – Individual Report

| October 22, 2018

Individual IMC Account – Individual Report

Due date: 10th September 2013

Length: 2000 words (excluding references
and appendices)

Submission method options

Hand delivery & upload online to


A) The customer initiated marketing
communication model by Duncan (2005)

in the text. Investigate this in relation
to the rise of social media and even

citizen journalism and then investigate how
businesses are working in this

environment. Provide some academic research, statistics and examples to

your case.

B) The basic model of consumer decision
making (Problem Recognitionà Information Searchà Evaluation of alternativesà
Purchase Decisionà Postpurchase Evaluation). Investigate this model and how an
organization might use communication tools to walk the consumer (or business
consumer) from awareness to becoming a loyal customer. This will include how
different tools might be used at different stages of the model, consumer’s current
attitude towards brands/products and services etc. As with the above provide
academic support, statistics and examples.

Marking criteria

There are five important elements to be
assessed in the assessment:

1. The presentation and style of report.

2. The effort that went into research and
the assessment. Have you answered

all parts of the assessment task?

3. Creativity shown in understanding
existing communications practice.

4. Relating marketing communications theory
to practice.

5. Demonstrated understanding that
marketing communications are not

created in a vacuum. All players who add
value must be communicated with

on a regular basis.Report presentation

A paper-based report should include the

You should be presenting your answers in a
report format. The following

sections are likely to be included (all
except the cover/title pages, table of

contents, reference list, and appendix will
count in your word limit). However,

you are welcome to use a different
structure and headings.

Assessment cover page – Subject details,
assessment number and topic, your

name and ID number.

title page – Title of the report, your name, date.

summary – summary of key points

of contents (with page numbers)

– a brief overview of the report to set the scene

– outlined using headings.




NB: You must acknowledge all sources that
you draw your ideas from by

citing them within your report and including
them in a Reference List/

Bibliography at the end. Citing references
lends strength to your arguments

and is also important to avoid accusations
of plagiarism.

You should follow the in text referencing
with APA referencing style, and use
atleast 10 references.
cover all the topics


A holistic, concise and informed report on
the outlined questions.

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