In this course students will integrate the knowledge and skills acquired

| March 30, 2017

Please help with an MBA capstone idea with the following requirements and questions answered below:

In this course students will integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the MBA program via a major program assessment, the Applied Business Administration Capstone. Students will select a relevant business challenge, problem, or opportunity affecting a selected organization or industry and analyze it, offering solutions and recommendations, using academically rigorous theories and methodologies with biblically based ethics.While this course is the culmination of an academic program, the processes and guidelines gained in this research project will help you throughout your business administration career.

For the first three bullet points, in 100-200 words, explain the problem you will investigate for your Capstone Project. Then, for the final bullet point, briefly outline several of the sources you expect to use to research and collect relevant information.

Define your project by concentrating on these four questions:

What is the problem, issue, challenge, or opportunity, etc. facing the organization or industry that you would like to research and address?Why is it a management concern?What is the intended outcome? (A solution to a production problem? A reengineering process? A new marketing strategy? Revised HR policies? Etc.)Identify resources you expect to use for your research? (This is preliminary, of course)
1. Internet (identify at least 5).

2. Personal Interviews (identify at least 2). (Person, Title, Company, Etc.?)

3. Applicable MBA modules: Identify applicable theories or concepts.

4. Continue listing other types of potential sources

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