In this assignment, students are organized into groups (approx. 5 members

| March 17, 2019

In this assignment, students are organized into groups (approx. 5 members) representing the Teachers Association (union) and Board of Education (management).  Each group will attempt to negotiate the key terms of a collective agreement with a paired group from the other side.  There are several steps to this assignment.

Each group will:

1. Review the assignment instructions and materials, including a) Appendix Material for assignment submissions, b) Newtown Bargaining Context, c) Newtown CBA_2014-18, and d) any confidential bargaining or additional assignment instructions provided by the instructor.  

2. Prepare and submit a Group Charter and Workplan that a) outlines the commitments of members to the project and peers, b) presents a schedule of activities and/or deliverables and accountabilities, and c) specifies a performance management protocol for recognition / rewards and discipline of members.

3. Prepare and submit a Bargaining Book that reflects their goals, strategies, and preparation work for bargaining.  

4. Dialogue with the paired group regarding the negotiating Rules of Engagement during the specified class period(s).

5. Conduct negotiations with the paired group during the specified class period(s), reaching Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding where possible.

6. Prepare and submit a Final Settlement Report indicating the results of the negotiation and a rationale for ratification to the group’s stakeholders.

7. Optionally, each group may:

a) Submit an early copy of their Bargaining Book for feedback.  No marks are available.

b) Submit a reflection of the bargaining experience (preparation and/or negotiation).  This submission may be used to offset some or all of any marks deducted for the Final Settlement Report – Agreements portion of the assignment.

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