In this assessment you will select an organization and evaluate

| June 3, 2016

In this assessment you will select an organization and evaluate its financial health based on ratio analysis. You will be graded on based on your understanding of the ratios, the accuracy of your calculations, the validity of you conclusions and your ability to clearly communicate your analysis. To complete this assignment, follow these steps.

Select a health care firm from the following website:
Examine the financial statements for your company.
Review Chapter 5 and 17 in the text and from the financial ratios in Chapter 5 and 17, choose the five that you believe will provide the best insight into your organization’s financial condition.
Calculate the ratios you have selected
Write a short paper in the following format:
Cover page with your name, class/section and instructor’s name
For each ratio, in a paragraph: define the ratio, explain what it measures, why you chose it, show your calculation and explain what the ratio tells you about your organization’s health.
Write a conclusion about your organization’s financial condition based on your ratio analysis.
Use APA, use 2-3 citations and references, including your textbooks
Review the Video

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