In this assessment, you will begin with identifying a particular case

| May 16, 2019

In this assessment, you will begin with identifying a particular case from your professional experience. The case can be an organisation or a project you participated in before. This assessment has three parts: Part A (Modules 1 and 2), Part B (Module 3) and Part C (Module 4). To prepare for this assessment:
    Review Modules 1 and 2 for Part A; Module 3 for Part B; and Module 4 learning resources for Part C.
    Consider a case from any industrial sector (manufacturing or service industry) you experienced or you can develop a case based on searching the internet

Part A: Business Process Development Plan of As-Is Situation (Modules 1 and 2)
Draft an analysis report of the as-is situation
To draft the report, you will choose a realistic and detailed case study that you have to analyse the Business Process Management methods and techniques taught in the first module. Students are required to submit a draft process analysis plan (including as-is process maps) in approximately 1000 words for class review in Module 2 Discussion Forum. Students will post their draft analysis report on the Discussion Forum for peer feedback/comments. Student will then post their feedback to their peers in the Discussion Forum.
In your analysis, consider and include the following:
    Critically analyse the role of business process management in your chosen case study
    Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risked and implementation processes
Post the draft analysis report by the first half of Module 2 in the Module 2 Discussion Forum. Students will then also provide constructive feedback to their peers by the end of Module 2 in the discussion forum.

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