In recent years, Farr Company has purchased three machines.

| February 25, 2017


In recent years, Farr Company has purchased three machines. Because of frequent employee turnover in the accounting department, a different accountant was in charge of selecting the depreciation method for each machine, and various methods have been used. Information concerning the machines is summarized in the table below.
MachineAcquiredCostSalvageValueUseful Life(in years)DepreciationMethod1 Jan. 1, 2012 $134,000 $35,900 9 Straight-line2 July 1, 2013 78,000 11,700 5 Declining-balance3 Nov. 1, 2013 69,470 6,470 6 Units-of-activity
For the declining-balance method, Farr Company uses the double-declining rate. For the units-of-activity method, total machine hours are expected to be 30,000. Actual hours of use in the first 3 years were: 2013, 870; 2014, 4,810; and 2015, 6,580.
Compute the amount of accumulated depreciation on each machine at December 31, 2015.
MACHINE 1MACHINE 2MACHINE 3Accumulated Depreciation at December 31$LINKTOTEXTLINKTOTEXTIfmachine2waspurchasedonApril1insteadofJuly1,whatwouldbethedepreciationexpenseforthismachinein2013?In2014?20132014DepreciationExpense

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