In FIN 610 each student is required to complete a paper that demonstrates

| June 13, 2018

contact for topicInstructionsIn FIN 610 each student is required to complete a paper that demonstrates effective communication skills,research competence, and technology fluency. The paper should demonstrate the ability to clearlycommunicate ideas about financial management in a professional manner and tone. Research for thepaper can be conducted using the UMUC online library as a primary source, as well as industry and tradereferences. The paper should be created using word processing and other software programs to exhibit thestudent’s ability to prepare technology-enhanced documents and/or presentations.Effective communication includes appropriate writing style, organization, grammar, and spelling, as well asthe ability to integrate course-related material and research. The paper should link concepts studied in thecourse to real-world organizations and the environments in which they operate. Research competency isevidenced by the student’s ability to formulate a viable thesis or relevant research topic, select scholarlyreferences and resources, and using sources in an ethical way to support of refute research. Technologicalfluency is apparent in the uses of technology in academic studies and in understanding its application inwork and everyday life.5/17/2016 Concourse | FIN 610 9040 Financial Management in Organizations (2165) 7/17The paper should select an article from either the ABI/INFORM, Business Source Premier databases orother good sources identified in this syllabus. Your topic should cover one of the following seven subjectsthat have been identified as issues that have significant impact on the financial decisions of managers andthat are covered in varying depth in FIN 610.Business Performance Management/Corporate Performance ManagementCorporate Governance & EthicsDisclosure and Financial ReportingGlobalization & International FinanceRisk ManagementThe Use of Technology in FinanceValue-Based ManagementThe paper should be 8-10 double-spaced pages and consist of the following: Introduction/summary,analysis/critical evaluation and conclusions. In addition to the primary article selected, the student needs toperform additional research to support the analysis/critical evaluation portion of the paper. At least threesources should be included in the references of your paper.Your paper needs to be submitted to the site for originality analysis prior tosubmission. Your instructor will provide the codes for your access. Also see the Reading andUnderstanding Turnitin Originality Reports link provided in the syllabus for more information.In terms of content, the paper should do the following:1. Clearly state the issues being addressed.For example, the student could address the recent changes in corporate governance driven bySarbanes-Oxley legislation and new regulations promulgated by the SEC, NYSE, etc. What isthe intended impact on corporate behavior and ethics and what are the prospects for success?A paper on the use of technology in finance could explore the impact of changes in informationtechnology and the financial impact of such changes on the structure of industries and in theways companies compete, demonstrate how the organization’s financial success is now beingor will be affected in the future by the issues, e.g., costs, access to capital, revenues, risks.2. Evaluate the position(s) taken in the article. Are there particular strengths or weaknesses in theaccompanying arguments?3. What is your assessment, given the views in the article and other research conducted?Conclusions need to be supported by solid analysis and logical reasoning.Paper Format GuidelinesThe paper should be between 8-10 pages, plus any appendices, exhibits, and references, andprepared using word processing software.Appendices, exhibits, graphs, and other references may take the form of spreadsheet and/ orPowerPoint inserts that demonstrate an understanding of technology tools used in financialmanagement and demonstrate student use of technology enhanced presentations.Properly cited reference sources are required. These may include course material, informationfrom magazines, journals, and online sources. All reference sources must have a publicationdate no earlier than 2009. Contact the instructor for permission to use sources published prior5/17/2016 Concourse | FIN 610 9040 Financial Management in Organizations (2165) 8/17to 2009. Note: When using online references, abstracts should not be used. Use full-textarticles. The pdf version typically prints out in the same format (e.g., exact page numbers) asthe article appeared in the journal.The paper will be graded for writing style, organization, grammar, and spelling, as well as foranalysis and content. The writing style must follow the Publication Manual of the AmericanPsychological Association, 6th edition. Citations for online sources should include the onlineaddress (URL) and access date as well as the citation for the specific reference. See the Student Writing Resources Page ( for further guidelines aboutform and policies.Post your paper in the public forum for “Completed Short Papers” by the end of week 9 (or 10for the spring semester). In addition, the author should facilitate the threaded discussion of theirpaper by classmates and the instructor.Each student is responsible for posting substantive comments to the papers of at least threeclassmates. This will be counted towards the course participation grade. Failure to make therequired postings will result in deductions to the participation grade.Late papers will be penalized five points for each day after the due date.Information on Data Sources (if needed)Research for the paper can be–and is strongly recommended–to be conducted online using the UMUConline library as your primary source. When you download from online library, do not use abstracts, but usefull-text articles: the pdf version typically prints out in the same format (e.g., exact page numbers) as thearticle appeared in the journal. You may find relevant and useful information for your paper from thefollowing UMUC library sources.Business and Company Resource Center:Industry rankings,

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