In developing an organizational climate that supports innovation

| September 7, 2016

1. In developing an organizational climate that supports innovation, management often overlooks critical issues. This is true especially when setting up and nurturing communication networks. Many good ideas are lost because the right person is not available at the right place at the right time to bring the innovation to fruition. What issues do you believe are critical in planning for the integration and sharing of information in an innovative firm? How do these issues differ for product and process and process innovation?

2. In this chapter3, we discussed several companies and how they have created climates for innovation. At each level of the organization (top, middle, lower) what do you think are critical issues? What are the potential advantages of an innovative strategy for individuals at each level? What should be the biggest fear at each level?

3. You have done a number of innovative things in your life. Think about things that you have used for something besides its intended purpose. List some of these on a sheet of paper. What can managers do to help individuals capture that same feeling in the work environment?

4. We have organized chapter 4 by activities that need to take place to successfully implement an innovative strategy. There are many ways to characterize a leader. If you are seeking an innovative leader for an organization, what do you think are the ten important characteristics? Discuss how executives can ensure a successful managerial fit.

5. We discussed radical versus continuous innovation in chapter3. What area of implementation do you believe is the most affected by the type of innovation? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with each of these types of innovations?

6. When you made a radical change in your life-living home, getting married, moving at a new city- what kinds of emotions and feelings did you experience? Was there stress associated with the change? As you reflect on that change, what lessons did you learn that you can use to help others who are facing changes in the workplace from implementation of new technologies? What did you learn about yourself and your reaction to innovation and change implementation?

Read the books of management of technology and innovation, strategic approach, and other online resources to help you answer these questions above.

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