In chapter 6 of Terry Cooke-Davies’

| May 16, 2019

In chapter 6 of Terry Cooke-Davies’ book Aspects of Complexity Dale Shermon promotes parametric estimating as the means of being able to estimate a certain type of complex project (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.76-79).  However, the examples he uses are all related to engineering type projects.
Is the methodology of parametric estimating appropriate to projects in the non-engineering domain, such as welfare projects?  Is so then how is that the case?  If not then why is that the case?
In not more than 1,000 words make your explanation by typing rich text directly into the editor field for your submission.  
You must use the correct academic communication method to write your explanation, including in-text references and a reference list.  The 1,000 word limit includes all the text you enter, which also consists of in-text references and the reference list

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