In a study conducted by Zogby International for the Democrat and Chronicle

| August 30, 2017

In a study conducted by Zogby International for the Democrat and Chronicle, more than 700 New Yorkers were polled to determine whether the New York state government works. Respondents surveyed were asked questions involving pay cuts for state legislators, restictions on lobbyists, term limits for legislators, and whether state citizens should be able to put matters directly on the state ballot for avote. The results regardign several proposed reforms had broad support, crossign all demographic and political lines.

Suppose that a follow- up survey of 100 individuals who live in the western region of New York was conducted. The party affiliation (Democrat, Independent, Republican) of each individual surveyed was recorded, as well as their responses to the following three questions.

1. should legislative pay be cut for everyday the state budget is late?

Yes______ No______

2. Should there be more restrictions on lobbyists?

Yes______ No________

3. Should there be term limits requiring that legislators serve a fixed number of years?

Yes______ No________

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