immigration psychological challenges

| October 22, 2018

Assignment: Research Proposal
Your research proposal should be sent to me by email
( by midnight on Thursday, March 28 IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL
(you can in addition include it as an attachment). Proposals will be commented
on and marked by reply email in the order in which they are received.
Your proposal should consist of the following 4 items:
1) a subject heading for your email that reads “Research
Proposal from (YOUR NAME)”
2) the proposal itself; you must include some context
(background information which may be historical in nature, any relevant
statistics which show the significance of your topic, any definitions, etc.)
plus your expression of topic (“This essay examines…”–which
is a statement converted from your research question)
You may include any or all of the following: tradition of
inquiry, knowledge deficit, forecasting, thesis statement (the latter only if
you’re ready to supply one)
3) an annotated Works Cited list: list at least five sources
which you plan to use for your research project. Write correct MLA Works Cited
entries for each source (remember alphabetical order) using the OWL website for
guidance (I will take into account the likelihood that formatting may be thrown
off by the email factor). Follow each entry with a brief (one or two sentences)
but specific explanation of how you plan to use the source in your essay. (Note
that this final instruction is slightly different from what the reading reports
ask for.)
4) A paragraph in which you explain briefly how you can answer
your research question so far (based on the research you have done).
NOTE: Proposals will also
be marked for grammar and smooth writing (as befits the formality of scholarly

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