IMGT 2400 Week 2 Assignment – Information Systems in Business

| November 27, 2016

1. Explain the gap between IT and the business, along with the primary reason this gap exists.
2. Cheryl OConnel is the owner of a small, high-end retailer of womens clothing called Excelus. Exceluss business has been successful for many years, largely because of Cheryls ability to anticipate the needs and wants of her loyal customer base and provide them with personalized service. Cheryl does not see any value in IT and does not want to invest any capital in something that will not directly after her bottom line. Develop a proposal describing the potential IT-enabled competitive opportunities or threats Cheryl might be missing by not embracing IT. Be sure to include a Porters Five Forces analysis and discuss which one of the three generic strategies Cheryl should pursue.
3. You are the CEO of a 500-bed acute care general hospital. Your internal IT department is responsible for running applications that support both administrative functions (patient accounting) as well as medical applications (medical records). You need assurance that your IT department is a high-quality operation in comparison to similar hospitals. What metrics should you ask your CIO to provide to give the assurance you seek? Provide the reasoning behind each suggested metric. Also, determine how the interrelationship between efficiency and effectiveness metrics can drive your businesss success.

1. Explain differences between decision support systems (DSS) and executive information systems (EIS).
2. What is the success rate for ERP systems? Explain how the recommendations in the book will help improve the success rate.
3. Compare and contrast transaction processing systems and ERP systems.
1. What is the relationship between the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW)?
2. What are the commonalities and differences between portals, ISPs, and Online Service Providers (OSPs)?
3. Hoovers Rentals is a small privately owned business that rents sports equipment in Denver. The company specializes in winter rentals including ski equipment, snowboarding equipment, and snowmobile equipment. Hoovers has been in business for 20 years and, for the first time, it is experiencing a decline in rentals.
Brian Hoover, the companys owner, is puzzled by the recent decreases. The snowfall for the last two years has been outstanding, and the ski resorts have opened earlier and closed later than most previous years. Reports say tourism in the Colorado area is up, and the invention of loyalty programs has significantly increased the number of local skiers. Overall, business should be booming. The only reason for the decrease in sales might be the fact that big retailers such as Wal-Mart and Gart Sports are now renting winter sports equipment. Brian would like your teams help in determining how he can use the internet to help his company increase sales and decrease costs to compete with these big retailers.

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