IFSM 300 confernce 4

| August 14, 2017

Relying on your reading
assignments in Baltzan, Chapter 5 and outside research, hold a discussion on
the topic I have raised below. Respond to the discussion question below and
provide at least two or three critical comments to the responses of your
classmates in this conference.

To participate and
contribute in this conference, CREATE a New Topic, modifying the subject line
of your response to the name of your organization. Responses are expected to be
at least 400 words in length; critical comments are expected to be at least 100
words in length.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to click on New Topic to post your initial
response and change the title to reflect the challenges discussed in your
response. DO NOT respond to this Conference Instructions topic.

Discussion Question

In the Digital Firm
conference, you have identified an international or global business
organization from the Fortune 100 list which utilized information systems to transform
the business.

In this conference,
identify how the organization addresses the sustainability challenges addressed
in the chapter.

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