If you wanted to back up only files that have changed or been created since the last backup, which type of

| September 29, 2018


Multiple Choice
Select the best answer.

1. If
you wanted to back up only files that have changed or been created since the
last backup, which type of backup would you perform?
a. child
b. normal
c. incremental
d. differential

2. A ______ is a malicious logic program that
replicates by creating copies of itself, often via e-mail, until it uses up
system resources.
a. Trojan horse
b. worm
c. macro virus
d. polypartite virus

3. On a Windows XP computer, documents and
other user-created files should be kept in the _________ folder.
a. User
b. root
c. Users
d. My

4. Which of
these items should not be in your PC toolkit with floppy disks and CD-ROMs?
a. magnetized
b. flat-head screwdriver
c. tweezers
d. ground bracelet

5. If you receive an e-mail with an attachment named
as follows, which is most likely an infected file?
a. report.doc
b. Jan2006profits.xls
c. name.txt.vbs
d. logo.jpg

Write the word or phrase to fill in the
blank in each of the following questions.

1. Antivirus software detects a known virus
by looking for distinguishing characteristics called a _________, which is a
known pattern of virus code.
2. A __________ backup backs up files that
have changed or been created since the last full backup.
____________ is a program that performs a specific task, usually related to
managing system resources or identifying a problem with a PC.
___________, such as PC-Technician, generally is used to identify hardware
5.Having a _____________ plan can help prevent
computer failures and reduce repair costs and downtime.

Matching Terms
the terms with their definitions.

__ 1. Philips-head

a. type of screwdriver, rated with a size
such as T15

__ 2. quarantine

b. program that is activated when a certain
condition is detected

__ 3. malicious logic program

c. creation of a complete image or copy of
a computer’s hard drive

__ 4. logic bomb

d. type of screwdriver, also called a

__ 5. multi-partite virus

e. an area of a hard disk to store an
infected file until the infection can be removed

_ 6. payload

f. program that acts without a user’s
knowledge to change computer operations and do damage

__ 7. 3-pronged parts retriever

g. virus that infects both boot records and
program files

__ 8. macro

h. a spring-loaded device with three wire
prongs to pick up small items

__ 9. Torx

i. small program in a document that is
executed when the document is loaded or by pressing a key combination

__ 10. disk cloning

j. destructive event or prank that a virus
is created to deliver

Short Answer Questions
Write a brief answer to each of the
following questions.
1. List
the five main types of viruses and explain how each of them infects a computer.

2. List
at least five safe computing tips you should follow to avoid risk of virus,
worm, and Trojan horse infection.
3. Describe
the steps you would take to isolate the source of a computer problem.
4. List
and describe five important preventive maintenance tasks.
5. Following
the fundamental rule that you should trade good for suspected bad to isolate a
problem, describe the steps you would take to troubleshoot a problem with the

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