Identity Theft

| February 13, 2016

Identity Theft
This written assignment requirement is for an examination of identity theft. Your assignment is to be submitted in APA format, using 12 point font. It is expected that, based on the nature of this topic, that a concise yet thorough analysis will take between 5-7 pages of text, in addition to your required cover page, abstract and reference page. A total of 2 external scholarly sources, aside from your required text, must be cited in support of your position. Please post your assignment as a .doc file attachment by clicking on the Assignment 4.2 title on the assignments page.

In recent years, criminals have reached new levels of technical sophistication in an effort to steal your identity. The resulting increase in identity theft has led to a nationwide paranoia and a reallocation of criminal justice resources to address the problem.

For the purpose of this assignment, you are an identity thief. Discuss five (5) methods in which you would obtain someone’s personal information to be used later in the commission of property crimes. Once you have been successful in stealing the information, how are you going to use it to commit these crimes? What specific crimes will you commit with the newly obtained identity information, based on the elements within property crime statutes of a particular state.

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