Identify a agency that has overall responsibility

| August 31, 2017

Disaster Response

Can you Identify a agency that has overall responsibility for emergency management in the community (this is usually a local or county program or the local Red Cross office). Can you assist with researching a program and report on their emergency management plan by address the following questions:

Does the program use counselors in its response teams?

If so, what roles do counselors play?

If not, how would you incorporate counselors into the plan?

What specialized training would counselors need to have in order to be effective in responding in these situations?

In addition, for the second part, assume that you are serving as part of the community emergency management response team you have described. Can you address the following:

As a part of the team responding to a crisis, disaster, or trauma-causing event, or working independently with a client who has recently experienced some type of trauma, the process of diagnosis may be complicated by the scope of the event that has precipitated your involvement. Often normal responses in these situations mimic criteria for mental disorders. For example, people frequently display symptoms of a panic disorder in response to a trauma or crisis.

Describe the appropriate use of diagnosis during a crisis, disaster, or other trauma-causing event.

Discuss why it is important to be able to differentiate between a disorder and normal responses to crises and trauma causing events.

Offer an example—an event that occurred locally in your community or nationally—that illustrates your explanation.

APA standards for style and professionalism.

Include at least 3 references from current articles in professional journals in the field of counseling.

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