I need a research essay on a book written by Chinua Achebe called “Things Fall Apart”.

| June 9, 2016

there will be no plagiarism

you will need to write a research essay focusing on all of the following:


Time period, country and regional language of text(possible culture or religious influences)

Purpose of text (content, historical relevance, significance, structure, style, literary form etc.)

Contemporary works and author/figure related to the selected text

Modern/current influence of your selected text(adaptation, movie / TV shows, book, games, culture or pop culture influence, literary cannon, education etc.)

Page requirement is 6-7 pages. It must be a 6 full pages.This does not include your works cited page. No more than two block quotes permitted.

MLA Format is required

You must have a primary source and at least 10 secondary sources

Your primary source must be a work of significance

Your essay must respondto all research points

You must respond to the topic appropriately

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