| May 10, 2016

All people have different lives and experiences that affect learning. There is need to include different teaching principle, learning styles and teaching methodologies in the approach to education. Learning styles such as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic influence education in that effective education system have to include these aspects of learning such as picture, images, audio & video recordings and academic trips for effective learning to take place. For instance, it is easier for patients to understand the effects of smoking on a smoker’s body by seeing a picture portrayal than reading notes only (Newble, & Entwistle, 1986). There are various teaching principle and methodologies that impact the approach to education. Teaching principles offer a guideline on how particular subjects need to be taught. They include practical lessons used to teach nurses such aspractical on post-mortem examination and delivery operations (Newble, & Entwistle, 1986).

“Prevention is better than cure.” However, people still hold varying points of view in regard to heath promotion and disease prevention because of ignorance of the risks of certain risky behaviour such as smoking and cultural pressure such as polygamous cultures among other reasons. Health care providers therefore have to find ways of going beyond these barriers to enhance health promotion and disease prevention. One way they use is advising patients about disease, prevention and treatment at a personal level. Secondly, they promote health and disease prevention by setting a good example and following a healthy lifestyle. Patients of healthy healthcare providers such as doctors have shown to willingly embrace preventive measure such as using protection when having sex and faithfully taking medication such as ARVs to prolong life (Frank, Dresner, & Shani, 2013).

They collaborate with national governments and other health regulatory bodies in raising interventions in health promotion and disease promotion for example through harsh taxation and penalty on products like alcohol, tobacco and banning use and sale of drugs like cocaine and heroin (Frank, Dresner, & Shani, 2013).

In conclusion, culture influences the education system and efforts in health promotions and disease prevention and therefore health care workers must be culturally sensitive in their endeavour.

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