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| October 22, 2018

CHAPTER 9 ALDEHYDES AND KETONES1. Which of the following statements is true?a. Both aldehydes and ketones are easily oxidized.b. Neither aldehydes nor ketones are easily oxidized.c. Aldehydes are easily oxidized, but ketones are not.d. Ketones are easily oxidized, but aldehydes are not.2. Which of the following will give a positive test with Tollens’ reagent?a. carboxylic acidsc. both a and bb. ketonesd. neither a nor b3. Which of the following compounds will undergo oxidation using potassium dichromate to forma carboxylic acid?a. A and B onlyb. A and C onlyc. B onlyd. C only4. Which of the following is obtained by oxidizing hexanal?a. hexanolb. 2-hexanonec. hexanoic acidd. none of these5. Treatment of 2-hexanone with potassium dichromate in sulfuric acid will give which of thefollowing products?a. hexanalb. hexanolc. hexanoic acidd. Unreacted 2-hexanone will be recovered.6. Which product will be formed by treatment of the following compound with silver nitrate andammonia in water, followed by acidification with HCl?a.c.b.d. None of these products would beformed.7. Which of the following compounds gives 1-pentanol upon reduction with H2/metal catalyst?a.c.b.d.8. Which of the following is the acetal product that would be formed from the reaction of acetonewith 1-propanol?a.c.b.d.9. Of the various OH groups in the following carbohydrate, how many are part of hemiacetalfunctional groups?a. 0b. 1c. 2d. 310. Which of the following compounds is a tautomer of the following compound?a.b.c. both a and bd. neither a nor b1. What is the IUPAC name for the following compound?a. 3-amino-2-hydroxybenzoic acidb. 5-amino-2-hydroxybenzoic acidc. 3-carboxy-4-hydroxyanilined. 3-amino-6-hydroxybenzoic acid2. Carboxylic acids can form hydrogen bonds with which of the following classes of compounds?a. alcoholsb. aldehydesc. ethersd. all of these3. Carboxylic acids do not form hydrogen bonds with which of the following classes ofcompounds?a.b.c.d.alcoholsethersalkanesNone, carboxylic acids form hydrogen bonds with all of these.4. What would you expect is the order of water solubility for the following compounds:a. A > B > Cb. C > A > Bc. B > A > Cd. A > C > B5. Which type reaction is used to obtain fatty acids from animal fats?a. hydrolysisb. reductionc. oxidationd. substitution6. What organic product will be formed when ammonium benzoate is treated with HCl?a. ammoniab. benzoyl ammonatec. benzoic acidd. benzoic ammonia7. Which of the following compounds will react with sodium hydroxide to form a water-solubleproduct?a. hexanalb. hexanoic acidc. 1-hexened. all of these compounds8. What type of compound is formed when a carboxylic acid reacts with an alcohol in thepresence of an acid catalyst?a.b.c.d.etherestereither a or b, depending on the conditionsneither a nor b9. Examine the following cut-away figure.Which of the following correctly describes this structure?a. The interior is polar and exterior is nonpolar.b. It is insoluble in water.c. Grease adheres to the exterior.d. none of the above10. Salicylic acid has the structure shown below.Which of the following characterizes the organic product of the reaction of this substance withKOH?a. It is more soluble in water than salicylic acidb. It is named as potassium salicylidec. It eventually decomposes to produce carbon dioxide.d. This substance will not react with KOH.

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