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| October 22, 2018

Enzyme kinetics homeworkTotal 75 pointsDue at the beginning of class on 3/24/15Name ________________________________Signature _____________________________Instructions: Answer all questions within this file (additional pages are acceptable if necessary). All answersmust be TYPED. You are free to work together, but please use your own words in answering the questions.Turn in your own printed version of this file with answers embedded into the blank areas. All plots should bedone in Microsoft Excel and pasted into this document.[SUBSTRATE] In mMAssignment. A terrible plague of H3N2 influenza has begun to decimate the earths population. You convinceyour boss at your pharmaceutical company to let you work on developing a new neuraminidase inhibitor tocombat this new strain. You make several hundred potential inhibitors and assay them with the neuraminidaseisolated from this new strain. Frustratingly, none of the compounds has the required Ki of less than 2 M toeffectively inhibit this enzyme. Finally, in desperation attempt, you decide to make one last compound. Youthen assay this compound with the viral neuraminidase (which is used in the assay at 1 nM concentration).After doing a complete study at various substrate and inhibitor concentrations, you arrive at thefollowing data. The numbers inside the box are the reaction rates measured in nM/s. This table is an embeddedMS excel file that can easily be copied into Microsoft Excel by cutting and pasting.0.00830.02330.03830.05330.06830.08330.16650.46650.76641.06651.36651.6665016.3448.2868.7196.15116.24144.68242.72452.97604.61681.36735.03766.52[INHIBITOR]0.0012515.8243.6564.5483.39104.72119.88190.09297.30345.70367.65384.22393.83in mM0.002515.7339.5863.3882.4994.76104.25152.70218.60241.39253.04257.05261.780.0037415.6438.1159.0070.9183.6194.93128.23173.65184.77191.35196.05198.050.00515.5539.5755.5767.4577.5981.74111.62141.35149.75154.62157.22159.00**Numbers inside the box are rates with the units nM/s**Question #1Using the data given, determine the Vmax, kcat, and Km for the substrate with noinhibitor present (Be sure to include units!). Attach a rate vs. [S] plot and a Lineweaver-Burke plotbelow. Describe how you determined these parameters. Show equations. (30 points)1Question #2Perform a complete inhibitor study (rate vs. [S] plots at each concentration ofinhibitor, your plots should each have 5 lines) using Excel and the data within the table. Attach the ratevs. [S] and Lineweaver-Burke plots below and label each curve with the inhibitor concentration of thatcurve (20 points).Question #3Answer the following question. What type of inhibitor is this compound? (5 points)Question #4Using a secondary plot like we described in class, determine the K i for thiscompound. Attach the secondary plot below and describe how you determined K i from this plot (20points).Question #5 Did your compound save the world from this outbreak? Circle one of the following.2YN3

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