I have been working in the Insurance Industry

| February 25, 2017

Submission Date: 31/12/2015 (Thursday)
Expand it I already wrote almost 1 page so just add 1 more
Come up with Ethical issue 1 in Insurance Sales & 1 in Insurance Claims and talk about them.
Express more and make sure it’s sounds good.
No References No links No page cover only writing1 page continue what I started and make it extended for 1 page and half that’s all.

Individual Assignment: Real Ethical Case

I have been working in the Insurance Industry since 2010. After working in the sales front desk for three years I had the opportunity to shift to the Claims Department back desk. Working in both departments helped me to go deep into the Insurance cycle and look at the service we sell from different angles. When I was a sales man I was taught to attract people and convince them to buy an Insurance Policy. Basically I was marketing a motto enjoy peace of mind all year and once there is a loss/damage rely on us. Yes I was putting a lot of effort to pursue potential people to get insurance coverage for a motor, property, medical, life, marine, engineering and etc. I was selling insurance to people and buying risk from people every time I issue a policy. For the record I didn’t believe completely in every single word I been taught to say. I found it hard to convince old people to choose us among 32 Insurance companies in the market because they are more concerned into details of lodging a claim, procedure of the claim and settlement. I was expressing with my colleagues in the Sales Department utilitarian approach which can be summarized by good ends justify the means. Our salaries were too low and we depend highly on our level of sales to get commission and bonus at the end of month. When I transferred from the Sales Department to the Claims Department at the beginning I was happy to be able to fulfill my previous promises. Moreover the Claims Department is considered one of the Technical divisions in the company. I couldn’t adopt the utilitarian approach anymore. Therefore, I embraced the virtue-based approach which is making good decisions involve the exercise of judgment. My new job-role in Claims Department involves a study and review of each claim separately and then I must make my final decision either to settle the claim or reject it. Recently I went through a real ethical issue from my perspective. ……………………………continue for 1 page and half add one or two ethical issues and talk them …

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