I have 2 question must be answered separately apa format in text citation with references.

| January 31, 2017

I have 2 question must be answered separately apa format in text citation with references.

Question 1. Talent Management and HRIS” Please respond to the following:

Imagine that you are the executive talent manager for a major global fortune 500 organization. You handle all of the Human Capital Management for the United States which has about 30,000 employees. You have built strong internal relationships with all of the North American business lines. Each business line has an executive head that has approached you with concerns about the workforce. The executive heads are having a difficult time keeping track of the talent that exists in their business line and the supply versus demand that will be needed in the future in regards to their workforce. They are also concerned about how they will attract and retain talent when needed. You offer them a solution that blends talent management with Human Resources Information Systems. Read the two (2) articles listed below:

• “Integrating talent management and core HR systems valuable but tricky,” located at http://searchfinancialapplications.techtarget.com/feature/Integrating-talent-management-and-core-HR-systems-valuable-but-tricky.

• “Effective Recruiting, Staffing and Applicant Tracking in a high turnover Environment: Filling seats in a demanding work environment,” located at http://www.hrvillage.com/human-resources/applicant-tracking.htm. How would you explain to each executive your plan of integrating talent management with an HRIS so that they have line of sight for the talent that exists in their business? In addition to addressing this to each Executive head, suggest two (2) challenges that may arise from this plan. Then, describe three (3) benefits of integrating talent management with HRIS.

Question 2. Have We Chosen the Right Employee?” Please respond to the following:

Once an organization has recruited candidates and they are going through the application process, how do they select the right employee? There are a number of tools and assessments that are used in selecting candidates for any given role. Please respond to the following question:

•Out of all the selection assessments presented in the text, choose one (1) that you believe is most effective for selecting a candidate for any given role. List three (3) benefits for that

assessment and describe why you believe each benefit would be appropriate for selecting the right employee. Next, give your opinion on the extent to which the use of technology in the selection process adds value to organizations, and provide at least one (1) example to support your answer.

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