Husband and Wife Relations in Islam

| February 11, 2016

Husband and Wife Relations in Islam

Topic: Husband and wife Relations in Islam

Write a 3,000 word reflective essay in relation to the chosen relationship type while addressing the following three main points.

? What are the Islamic teachings about this relationship type? Include two different views regarding the Islamic teachings for the relationship type.
? What challenges in today’s world make it difficult to apply Islam’s akhlaq and adab for the relationship type you have chosen? Consider variations deoending on different cultural and social contexts.
? Explain ways of closing the gap between ideal and reality to have a society which has the akhlaq and adab that Islam teaches in the relationship you have chosen. Support your points with evidence where you can.
When addressing these points in your essay, incorporate academic and Islamic literature along with your critical analysis and reflections from your personal experience and your social environment.


You can also use the following book which you can also find in attached files:
Messenger of God, M. Fethullah Gulen

Please follow the Marking Criteria
1. Answering the reflective essay questions: The reflective essay addresses the weekly questions in a comprehensive manner. There is analysis of sources and concepts.
2. Integrating personal reflections: ·Showing satisfactory ability to relate acquired knowledge to personal experiences; demonstrating attempt to analyse the issues from a number of different perspectives.
3. Organisation, clarity and style: There is transition between paragraphs and ideas. All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. Non-English words and concepts are always explained. All information is accurate. Paper has been spell-checked AND proofread, and contains no more than a few minor errors, which do not adversely affect the reader’s ability to understand the essay.
4. Sources: 12-14 sources have been used. Scholarly books, websites and journal articles have been used. Both primary and secondary sources have been used.
5. Referencing: All evidence is cited using APA referencing, but there are some minor problems with completeness or format of some citations. Reference list is according to APA referencing.

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