| February 12, 2016

In McCann and others v UK the ECtHR noted (at para 147) that:

“The Court’s approach to the interpretation of Article 2 must be guided by the fact that the object and purpose of the Convention as an instrument for the protection of individual human beings requires that its provisions be interpreted and applied so as to make its safeguards practical and effective.”
Critically evaluate the UK approach to protecting the Art 2 rights of citizens.
Your answer should include an explanation of the scope and meaning of Art 2 and make use of relevant case law, both domestic and from the ECtHR.
Insufficient details of relevant law
Some basic detail of relevant law
Good statement of relevant

Clear statement of relevant law
Excellent statement of relevant law
a) Discipline Skills
Appropriate identification, application and analysis of legal issues at this level
Fails to identify key issues, poor or no attempt at application
Identifies obvious issues only, weak application of law
Good coverage of obvious issues, reasonable application of law
Obvious and subtle issues dealt with, good application of law
Excellent coverage of issues, excellent application of law
b) Discipline Skills
Appropriate problem-solving, criticism and evaluation at this level
Poor/no attempt at evaluation, critical judgment, or problem solving
Weak evaluation, critical judgment and problem solving
Reasonable evaluation, critical judgment, and problem solving
Good evaluation, critical judgment, and problem solving
Excellent evaluation, critical judgment, and problem solving
c) Discipline Skills
Appropriate research, referencing and legal terminology
Very poor referencing, no research apparent
Weak referencing, evidence of basic research only
Adequate referencing, evidence of some further research
Clear referencing, evidence of some detailed research
Excellent footnote referencing, bibliography, and research
Personal Transferable Skills
Appropriate written communication and overall presentation
Inadequate spelling, grammar, messy and careless presentation
Significant errors in spelling, grammar, careless structure
Reasonable spelling and grammar, satisfactory presentation
Good spelling and grammar, well organised structure
Excellent spelling, grammar, structure, and presentation
Positive comments:

• • •
Areas for improvement:

• • •
Grade (subject to approval): Other general comments:

students have 4 weeks from the date of the marks being released to pick up their feedback sheet.

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