Human Resource Questions

| January 30, 2017


The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) was formed in 1955. It is the voluntary federation of America’s unions and currently represents over 13 million individuals nationwide. The stated mission of the AFL-CIO claims it wishes to “bring social and economic justice to our nation by enabling working people to have a voice on the job, in government, in a changing global economy, and in their communities.” Today’s unions include manufacturing and construction workers, teachers and technicians, as well as every type of worker in between.

Thoroughly explore this extensive Website. Prepare a two-page report that answers the following questions. Identify the major goals and strategies of the AFL-CIO. Is the AFL-CIO considered in and of itself a labor union? Explain. Describe unfair labor practices that can occur on the part of the employers and on the part of labor unions. What similarities and what differences are there in unfair practices between unions and employers? Describe the organizing process, as it would occur within an organization. What is your opinion of labor unions? Why do you feel this way?


Explore this Bureau of Labor Statistics site. What type of information is available for collective bargaining? How can employers utilize this information? How can Unions utilize this information? What types of information do you believe may be more useful? Explain. Prepare a two-page report for discussion in class.

Chapter 15: Managing Human Resources Globally


Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. was established in 1965. It serves as the U.S. subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd of Tokyo, Japan. This organization has its base of operations in Elmsford, New York and is one of the nation’s leading providers of imaging and information products.

Fuji, U.S.A. has 46 facilities and various offices located across the United States. This organization states that it is “committed to providing consumers and professional individuals with the most innovative and highest quality imaging and information products and services available in the industry.” Adherence to this philosophy has led Fuji to receive numerous citations and awards that include being selected as the official film of high-profile sports and events across the United States.

Examine this organization’s Website. Prepare a two-page report that responds to the following questions. Identify how changes in the global environment could affect this organization? Explain your rationales. How is the culture of Fuji impacted by changes in the global environment? Describe and identify the level of global participation of this organization. What are some HR difficulties that may be found within Fuji? Provide a recommendation for improving each of those difficulties you identified. Be thorough in your explanation and recommendations.


Henri Nestle founded the company in 1866 while experimenting with baby milk formula. Today, with its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestle is the world’s biggest food and beverage company.

On Nestle’s careers link, select United States to explore the jobs and career, training, and culture aspects of the company. Prepare a one page perspective of your impressions of the company and its values and treatment toward employees based on your exploration of the site. Now select another country for comparison at the careers link. Explore that country’s site. What impressions do you gather? Compare and contrast your impressions. Prepare a two-page report for class discussion.

Chapter 16: Strategically Managing the HRM function


The Utah Metal Works located in Salt Lake City is a broker and processor for scap metal recycling. It has been solely owned and operated by the Lewon family since 1955. This organization processes over 12,000 tons of non-ferrous metals annually. The company’s primary focus is centered on providing the best possible service at a competitive price for customers. It is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment and rewarding its employees for their efforts.

As you explore this Website, focus on collecting the necessary information to prepare a two-page report that responds to the following issues. Describe how the HR roles assist this organization in building and maintaining a competitive company. Identify the two common approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s HR practices. Which of the two does UMW utilize or favor most? How important is HR within this company? Explain. What could this organization do to improve its HR effectiveness? Identify and describe the effect of today’s technology on this organization. Is technology vital to the continued success of UMW? Why or why not?


Google has fast become the primary search engine for all types of information. Research HR outsourcing on Google site and prepare a 2-3 page position paper on critical issues, pros and cons, and how to do it effectively. What types of options are readily available? Would you recommend any firm or site based on your analysis for outsourcing HR function in a small 15-member retail company? Explain.

All the responses must be included in one word document.

This assignment must be sent through the turnitin link shown below. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. If you use external sources to support your rationale, cite them in both within the text and in the references section. The word document must be: double-spaced/12-font/with margins, and references (if apply) . The instructor will not accept more than 5% of materials from external sources in the content of the document; otherwise, your work will be considered invalid.

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