Human Resource

| January 30, 2017

Human Resource Management
question 1

Briefly describe what you think a competitive pay process would include. Give specific examples. Why do you think a competitiveness pay process is necessary for an organization?

question 2

What are some real world examples of ethical and unethical employment practices dealing with compensation (wage or benefits) you have read about, seen in the news, or encountered at your place of employment? What were the outcomes of those practices?

question 3

Some would say the richest people in the U.S. just keep getting richer. CEOs in the U.S. are making millions (and sometimes billions) each year. Are CEOs overpaid? Is there anyone in particular that comes to mind when you think of CEOs who are paid too much? If so, who?

question 4

There continues to be many discussions in the U.S. about Health Care Reform and whether its impact has been positive or negative. Locate an article on the web about health care reform and share your findings. What impact has health care reform had on the U.S.? Share what you feel are the advantages of health care reform and the disadvantages, as well as how you believe this impacts the realm of compensation administration. Please share the website you found your article from within your post.

question 5

Explore the training you have received at your jobs in the past. How was it done? What made it successful (or not)? Were the initial goals accomplished and the stated outcomes achieved? Then, research and describe a best practice you would recommend and utilize?

Have you served as a trainer? Share your experience with that. Would you like to be a trainer? What topics do you think are important to be taught to managers? What training topics would you recommend for employee training?

question 6

Organizational development (OD) interventions refer to the techniques/methods created by OD practitioners, professionals, coaches and mentors (internal staff or outside consultants) to help solve the cultural problems of organizations. It is important to use the right intervention tools to solve the right kinds of problems. OD experts have at least ten tools in their toolbox to choose from.

Research the types of intervention tools available, describe a few of them and explain the situations in which these tools might be used.

question 7

Employee Relations (sometimes known as ER) is an art and a science. There are techniques and tips. It is important to match the discipline methods to the type of challenges.

Research the types of ER tools available, describe a few of them and explain the situations in which these tools might be used.

question 8

Conduct research to find employee recognition and appreciation programs and ideas that you feel are special and worthwhile and share them with the team. Then, taking those ideas, discuss what your employer (or past employer) did in this realm. How could your employer or past employer adopt these practices? Lastly, how have you felt when you were honored, awarded or acknowledged at your work?

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