HUM130 WK7 Appendix H 2

| March 14, 2016

Axia College Material

Appendix H

Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix




Countries of origin




Historical figures and events

Figures: Abraham and Sarah; Adam and Eve; Moses; God; Jacob/Israel; David (King of Israel); Solomon (son of David); King Hoshea; King Nebuchadnezzar; Judah; Hasmon family of Priests.

Events: Moses leads the Israeli people away from Egyptian bondage; David becomes the king of Israel and Judah; King Solomon builds a temple in Jerusalem; The temple is destroyed and later rebuilt; Ezra the Scribe reads the Torah (teaching for prophets) to the public; The Romans take over Jerusalem; Babylonian Talmud (documented laws) completed; Inquisition begins; The enlightenment in Europe; Jews migrate to North America; The Holocaust; Dead sea scrolls are found; Six day war. Creation; The Great Flood; Tower of Babel; The Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai;

Figures: Jesus; His followers: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John; Paul, an early organizer. King David and Abraham, early ancestors of Jesus; Moses; Mary, Jesus’ mother; Joseph, married to Mary; Pontius Pilate, ordered Jesus’ death

Events: Immaculate conception of Mary; Birth of Jesus; The Burning Bush; Deliverance of the 10th Commandments; Parting of the Red Sea; Turning Water to Wine; The Crucifixion; The Ressurection.

Figures: Abraham & Sarah; Hagar (Egyptian slave); Ishmael (Abraham & Hagar’s son); Isaac (Abraham & Sarah’s son); Muhammad (a prophet who was God’s messenger); Allah (the Muslim God); Abu Bakr.

Events: Birth of Muhammad; God revealed the Quran to Muhammad; Death of Muhammad; Election of Abu Bakr as first caliph; al Hallaj killed; Salah-al-Din recaptures Jerusalem from Crusaders; Spanish Inquisition; Muslims fall under European control; Muslim resurgence occurs; Muslim terrorists attack the Un

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