| February 25, 2017

Using Chapter 7 in Lacher the film: “Breaking the Taboo, Have We Lost the War on Drugs?” (2012), #53283, Films on Demand, (LINK ABOVE), located on the course shell in Campus Web. Construct the following:

You have been selected as the new drug enforcement coordinator for your county or state. From a management perspective write a(2) Page APA briefing paper (with title page), comparing and contrasting the Afghan heroin trade with that of the South American cocaine trade. Include current events that provide a historical perspective on the subject, and suggestions to combat the drug trade in your jurisdiction. You audience are the sheriff and chiefs of police. Make sure to include at least 2 citations to support your findings, one may be your assigned book.

Assesment Paper Open

Paper due Sunday, August 21 at 11:55 PM (Required)

(1) RESEARCH PAPER (Assessment):

Globalization of Crime Research Paper (Assessment)

Select a contemporary topic in globalization of crime
Utilizing (6) sources, that must include The Globalization of Crime Journal and Lacher (2014), write a ten (10) page, APA formatted research paper.

Assess the intended and unintended consequences of criminal justice policies in response to your topic.
What impact does your issue have on organizational management?
Support any changes in the threats discussed in the journal article?
Provide your own threat assessment to cover the next five years?
Explain your rationale as to the priority that your agency and the United States should concentrate primarily.
Detail the main group of individuals that are the biggest threat to national security and domestic organized crime.
Include local current events to support your theories of the globalization of a particular crime.
Summarize your findings with the need for criminal justice policies to combat these crimes.

All papers are to be typed, spell-checked and grammar-checked, and well written, with a logical flow of thought. Submit double-spaced with 1″ margins, and prepared in the APA format.

Papers should be in 12-pitch Times New Roman font.

Please include a title page on all papers. Although numbered, the title page and the reference page do not count toward the required number of content pages.

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