HSA 3430 Assignment Paper

| November 9, 2018

How important are opportunity costs in terms of influencing the demand for / consumption of health services? ?Requirements:Report must be between 5-7 pages long. A minimum of 10 reference sources are required and must be properly noted with each part summation. Wikipedia and blog entries WILL NOT be used as a data source in this class.Reports must be in acceptable writing format. They must be typed in WORD format. Use Times New Roman, Font size 12pt and 2 spaced lines.All submitted work will be evaluated based on scope and appropriateness of content, editorial style, as well as the use of appropriate referencing, grammar and spelling.1. Cover page2. Aim of the paper/the paper’s objective3. Background4. Significance of the problem5. Overview of the impact your topic has on the economy and the healthcare system6. Affect of the current healthcare economic environment on the your topic7. Creating or using at least 2 graphs and interpreting them regarding your topic8. Recommendations: Your insight and thoughts about your economic problem9. Conclusion10. References

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