HR 435 – examine the impact of the benefit plan available

| August 31, 2017

Part 1

examine the impact of the benefit plan available at your organization. Begin by describing the benefit plan. Then, appraise the managerial decision-making factors that would be involved in the creation of this plan.

? Consider that the benefit plan at your organization is designed to meet the preferences of both the employer and the employee. Identify what you believeare the preferences and personal factors of the employees with regard to benefits and explain why these would be important to the employees. This should be in the form of a hypothesis statement of what is important to employees in their benefit plan at the subject organization.

? Then, either interview some of these employees to see if their preferences match up with your hypothesis, or find documentation in the library or online to support and validate your chosen hypothesis. For instance, you may believe that older employees may value a benefit that provides elder care such as daycare for their elderly parents so that they can come to work and not worry about leaving a frail older person at home alone. You could then search the library or online for research that has been done or information gathered to support your hypothesis. An online search of the keywords “older workers benefits” would provide some information that could be used to support this hypothesis. However, please be sure to use other hypotheses for your project rather than this one about elder daycare, since it has already been used here as an example.

? Please remember that all hypotheses do not have to be correct. You may find that studies exist that do not support your hypothesis, and that’s okay. Points will not be deducted for that. Instead, focus on creating your hypothesis and then using good data and information to either support or prove it wrong (refute it).

Part 2

Examine examples of important legally required benefits.

2. Analyze the current statutory laws regarding benefits.

3. Discuss the sufficiency of such current statutory laws regarding benefits

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