How social media/digital technology is affecting the society

| February 13, 2016

How social media/digital technology is affecting the society
The topics will respond in some to way to one of the following themes/questions:
Social media/digital technology and political action: what role do social media/networking play in a particular political movement or cause? What strategies are used to advance the cause? What is the impact/result?
Social media/networking/digital technology and professional development: what role do they play in professional development, particularly in relation to your career path?
Social media/digital technology and relationships: what impact do they have on relationships between self, family, and community/culture?

*Additional Instructions
Description: Take a clear position on the issue you have researched, provide a focused, forecasting thesis, use rhetorical strategies and supporting evidence from your research to make your argument, and address any possible objections/concerns your audience may have with your argument. Please note: this is not an essay in which you have to show two sides equally.
Review Chapters 6 & 7 in our textbook.
Follow format requirements from model essay in Ch 6.
Use 5-7 sources, 2 of which must be scholarly/peer-reviewed.
Articulate a clear, focused thesis in the introduction indicating the position or proposed solution you intend to argue.
Provide relevant background, cultural, or historical context, but make sure that this information does dominate.
Present evidence clearly and incorporate sources effectively, choosing paraphrase, direct quotation, or summary strategically.
Be accountable with your sources and make sure they support your essay with their credibility.
Anticipate and address possible objection, obstacles, and opposing viewpoints.
Use MLA format for in-text citations and the works cited page.
Provide logical transitions between sections of your argument, so the audience can follow the development and presentation of your ideas.


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