How many bacteria were there in the sandwich at 1pm

| August 30, 2017

A sandwich was left on my desk at 1pm creating an environment for the number of bacteria to double every 30 minutes. At 4pm, there are 8,000 bacteria in my sandwich.

a.) How many bacteria were there in the sandwich at 1pm?

b.) Let B(t) be the number of bacteria in the sandwich after t hours of sitting on the desk. Find a formula for B(t).

c.) What is the average rate of change, B'(t)/B(t), of the bacteria population?

d.) The public safety board has said that 100,000 bacteria is the maximum number of bacteria that a sandwich can have to be safe to eat. What is the longest time that the sandwich can sit so that I can still safely eat the sandwich? (You many leave your answer in calculator-ready form).

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