How is Spider-Man 2 Linked to 9/11

| February 2, 2016

How is Spider-Man 2 Linked to 9/11

Research Paper Prompt

Rhetorical Analysis


To write a well-written analysis of the film Spider-Man 2;

To incorporate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate secondary sources;

To analyze a rhetorical issue about Spider-Man 2 and present a focused argument about it.


Write a clear thesis that establishes an argument about Spider-Man 2;

Make sure that your thesis is clearly stated and focused;

Support your thesis with logically-derived opinion, observation, and research;

Conclude the essay with a defense of why your argument is important.


1200-1500 words (around 5-6 pages)

MLA style

12-point font

Bookman Old Style Font

A Works Cited page

You must incorporate at least three secondary sources into your paper

Miscellaneous Considerations:

Use the historical present tense (Descartes says, “Cogito ergo sum”);

You will be incorporating a lot of research into your paper: do not let your sources argue for you;


Make sure you have a clearly stated thesis!

Sources to use:
– “The Terror Dream” by Susan Faludi
– “It’s Complicated” by Jeanne Holland
– “Complex Masculinities: The Super Hero in Modern American Movies” by Yann Roblou
– “Sweetheart, This Ain’t Gender Studies”: Sexism and Superheroes
Use Only These Sources!!

What to write about:
– Link Spider-Man 2 to 9/11
– The movie is saying that it is time for men to get in charge.
– Mary Jane is damsel in distress.

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