How globalisation have affected NATO

| March 13, 2016

NATO still represents the rich world and perhaps have the most to defend. The investment in countries such as United States, United Kindgdom, Germany and Canada. Nato countries can be said to have the most important “investment” in globalisation. They are the most globalised countries in the world as well as the most at risk that globalisation raises. Coker 2004: 67

Transnational problems were the main motivation for NATO’s air war against Milosevic (Serbian president). Containing the mass migration of peoples is one of the collective security problems of the day. Environmental fallout on the other hand, is another problem that spans frontiers and intermeshes government in political disputes (Coker 2004: 68)

The rise of transnational communities has also been a vital element in NATO’s. For example, the nation may still be a person’s primary reference point, but nationalism in that sense is far less important that any time as states and nations are becoming delinked. Nations now are becoming more than, but also less than, nation states (Coker 2004: 68-69)

The new post-1991 (Gulf war?) Alliance is summoning up new opposition as the alliance itself becomes associated with globalisation, Americanisation or an unregulated capitalist market (Coker 2004: 85)


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