How effective are guidance counselor to students who are assigned multiple schools.

| December 12, 2015

How effective are guidance counselor to students who are assigned multiple schools.
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This is a research paper for a master’s level research class under a School Guidance/ Counselor program

Required Textbook : Creswell, J. W. (2014). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches (4th ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Research Topic/ Question/ Purpose. The Purpose of this research paper is to examine the performance and impact of school Guidance Counselors who are responsible for multiple schools , in comparison to those responsible for one school. Question: How effective are school guidance counselor who are assigned multiple schools or What are the effective differences on students when the guidance counselor is not present daily. ( If you can think of alternative way to word this feel free to write me about suggestions)
Please ensure proper APA 6th Ed formatting including the title and reference page. Please include the text listed above in in text citation.

Some of the factors that will determine the effectiveness are academic performance, students retention, students graduation rates, behavioral changes, emotional changes, trust and relationships between the guidance counselors and between parents and guidance counselors. ( Please research and include these ) and additional based on the research.

resources: Wikipedia, webbed and similar sites CAN NOT be cited. Must use current sources ( within the last 10 years). 9-10 sources including the above listed text.

Please write with any questions

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