How does technology effect ethics?

| March 13, 2016

Please answer these questions:

1) How does technology effect ethics?

2) What are the social, economic, political, and global attributes of your topic?

3) What are the positive and negative impacts of the topic? (Be sure to relate this answer to the four areas in #1).

4) Research the related laws, issues and controversies surrounding your topic.

You must write a 12 page term paper on computer ethics. You must include a title page and a references page. Your title page must include the title of your paper, the date, the name of this course, your name, and your instructor’s name. Your references page must be written in APA citation style Arial 11 or 12-point font or Times New Roman styles. You must cite a minimum of ten (10) outside sources. All assignments must be completed and uploaded in a MS Word document for grading.

Title: Computer Ethics and Cyber Crimes

Thesis statement:
The relentless progression of Cybercrime represents a critical challenge for Computer Ethics.

I. Introduction
II. Computer Ethics
i. Professional Ethics
ii. Code of Conduct
iii. Moral Responsibility
III. Cybercrimes
i. Cyberpiracy
ii. Cybertrespass
iii. Cybervandalism
IV. Conclusion
V. References

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