How can networking help you become more commercially aware of your sector?

| March 17, 2019

How can networking help you become more commercially aware of your sector? (you should relate aspects of theory specifically to your sector)  Reflect on the networking experiences you have attended and discuss what skills you used during these events. 
Know your sector                                                                         Learning outcomes: LO3  
How you can use your overall degree programme to help develop the skills set required for your desired career. Use specific examples. Analyse a professional qualification you could acquire alongside your degree and explain the rationale for undertaking of this qualification to meet your career ambitions.    Discuss how you plan to acquire these recognised professional qualifcations and evaluate how they could add value to an employer and make you the preferred candidate in an interview. 
Let them know you                                                     
Learning outcomes: LO1 & LO4 
 Describe a current job description and the specification for a desired job in your sector.   Include what skills the job requires and how your CV and LinkedIn profile demonstrate the essential and desirable skills   Reflect on the interview process and how well you were able to apply the STAR method and give an example of how you responded to a question

1.    Identify and source the training package, qualification and/or accredited course that will satisfy your client’s needs. 

2.    Read and interpret the qualification framework and packaging rules of the qualification. 

3.    Determine and review the following: 
    licensing requirements

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