How can internal auditors achieve practical independence

| June 14, 2018

Please answer each question thoroughly. Each answer should be approximately half a page but no longer than one page.1.How can internal auditors achieve practical independence?2.What auditing services do internal auditors provide?3.What difficulties do auditors find when conducting a performance audit?4.How can governmental and internal auditors try to achieve objectivity when developing conclusions about economy, efficiency, or program results?5.Why do GAGAS require a review for compliance with laws and regulations in conjunction with financial audits?6.What are the major differences between independent auditors’ reports on financial statements and internal governmental reports on efficiency, economy, and program results audits?7.Why do you think GAGAS reporting standards permit performance audit reports to include the views of responsible officials concerning the auditors’ findings, conclusions, and recommendations?8.Compare and contrast the type of work performed by external auditors (auditing financial statements to render an opinion) and fraud examiners.9.Why might fraud examiners’ attitudes about control systems and materiality differ from that of other auditors?10.Why do fraud examiners handle information in a different manner than auditors? Why is this important?

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