Homework market 11

| May 7, 2018

Apply the policy paradox model to the policy issue you are examining. Using your research explain the arguments impacting the decisions that are made with regard to the policy issue. For example in the case of expanded use of coal for energy, what is the proper cost-benefit analysis framework? Are geopolitical concerns primary or environmental? Whenever possible provide information on counter-arguments to at least demonstrate that you were considered them. 100 points Conclusion and Recommendation: Discuss your conclusions with regard to applying political considerations to the policy issue/area you have studied. Going forward how would you suggest policy makers approach decisions with regard to this area or issue? What if any changes need to be made to the current decision-making approach(s)?Sources and Bibliography: Using APA style, include a separate page in the Appendix on research sources. Must be in alphabetical order, divided by books, journals, etc. You’re expected to use a minimum of 15 sources of which 8 must be court cases, books, journals, interviews, or government reports (primary sources). The others may be news sources, web sites, etc.

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