History of medical science

| February 4, 2016

History of medical science
Focus on the issues of medical power and responsibility. From the industrial roots of the pharmaceutical industry, through imperialism, medicalization, war, human experimentation, and the AIDS epidemic, twentieth century medicine has grappled with some of the most difficult political and ethical issues of the turbulent century just passed. Please write an essay summarizing the main events of long twentieth-century ( meaning 1890s-now) medicine, using the lecture notes and sources provided.
-for the reference
Themes of 20th century primary sources: power, progress, good and evil
1.Origin of the pharmaceutical industry
3.Therapeutic Optimism ( optimist, pessimist)
4. Medical Nemesis

*you can use all the lecture notes as sources. Cite as (Lecture 00)
*you can use all the primary sources I gave as much as you want
**You can use other primary sources too but you MUST refer to at least three of the primary sources #5,6,7,8.
**You may use outside sources, but they should be scholarly works, not just semi-popular historical stuff on websites.

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