His280 quiz 5

| August 14, 2017

Question 1(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 1 unsaved” title=”Question 1 unsaved”>In April 1939, the small Balkan nation was invaded by whom:Question 1 options:Italythe Soviet UnionBulgariaGermanySaveQuestion 2(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 2 unsaved” title=”Question 2 unsaved”>The British (with Polish help) were able to break German codes in this OperationQuestion 2 options:OverlordMagicThe Black ChamberUltraSaveQuestion 3(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 3 unsaved” title=”Question 3 unsaved”>In the battle for Crete, the Germans used this tactic for a bloody but successful victoryQuestion 3 options:air bomberspanzer divisionsParatroopersV2 rocket attackSaveQuestion 4(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 4 unsaved” title=”Question 4 unsaved”>The partition of Poland was secretly planned between these two nations in August 1939Question 4 options:Germany and AustriaGermany and the Soviet UnionGermany and ItalyGermany and BulgariaSaveQuestion 5(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 5 unsaved” title=”Question 5 unsaved”>The Tripartite Pact was signed by these three nations in September 1940Question 5 options:The U.K., the U.S., and the U.S.S.RChina, Germany, and the Soviet UnionGermany, Italy, and the Soviet UnionGermany, Italy, and JapanSaveQuestion 6(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 6 unsaved” title=”Question 6 unsaved”>Italy attempted to conquer this nation in October 1940. The Italian forces were pushed back into Albania in defeat.Question 6 options:BulgariaCreteYugoslaviaGreeceSaveQuestion 7(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 7 unsaved” title=”Question 7 unsaved”>In Winter 1939, The Soviet Union battled this neighbor in fierce fighting in which disproportionate number of Russians forces were killed.Question 7 options:SwedenGermanyFinlandTurkeySaveQuestion 8(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 8 unsaved” title=”Question 8 unsaved”>In order to increase their ability to strike Britain and British naval forces, Germany in April 1940 invaded this Scandanavian nation in part to gain strategic ports and airfields.Question 8 options:ScotlandFinlandNorwaySwedenSaveQuestion 9(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 9 unsaved” title=”Question 9 unsaved”>At Dunkirk, the British…Question 9 options:organized a retreat back to Englandpushed the German force backendured a massacre at the hands of the Germansmet up with French forces and liberated ParisSaveQuestion 10(1 point) .pima.edu/d2l/img/0/QuestionCollection.Main.infQuestionUnsaved.gif?v=″ alt=”Question 10 unsaved” title=”Question 10 unsaved”>This Eastern European nation was the German’s main source of oil:Question 10 options:RomaniaHungaryPolandBulgaria

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