high tech company, a Dubai-based technology company

| February 25, 2017

Answer any three questions from the following five questions. ( your answer must be very specific and focused) Do not include unrelated materials ( answer one questions in 3 page – 800 word )

1. high tech company, a Dubai-based technology company, is considering entering the market with a new product (a new mobile) using new technology not yat available to its rivals. Entering the market before its rivals will allow the High Tech Company to enjoy the ‘ first mover advantage’. what advice would you give to High Tech Company? Explain the rationale of you advice.

2. under what conditions a company diversify ? what conditions might discourage a company from pursuing diversification ? Explain the concept of strategic fit in the context of related and unrelated diversification.

3. strategy execution in viewed as an important and challenging stage in strategic planning and implementation process. Critically assess the secrets successful strategy execution, and advise your company’s management as to what specific actions should take to execute its strategy successfully.

4. Strategic alliances and outsourcing are often seen as substitutes to vertical integration. Do you agree of disagree with this thinking? Take a position and defend it.

5. Examine the concept of value chain with special attention to the following issues:

a. How can a company benefit from a value chain analysis?

b. What options are available to a company from improving the efficiency and efficiency of its internal value chain activities?

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