Here at Ajax Digital our goal is to have a professional and friendly environment

| September 5, 2016

Ajax Digital information

Codes of Ethic

Here at Ajax Digital our goal is to have a professional and friendly environment, so we could perform the best services possible.

The following ethical behaviors are expected from everyone employed by Ajax Digital.

Communication iskey to keeping the best quality of employee job performances. Please address any problem or issue to members of the management team.

1. Inappropriate computer, Internet, and Intranet usage

· Computer usage is limited to only work related business.

o Copying or altering of company related hardware or software is unacceptable.

· Accessing of non-work related pages or computer access is not tolerated at ADI.

o Opening of inappropriate pages while on ADI premises or on ADI company electronics will not be tolerated.

2. Phone usage

· Office phones are permitted for day to day business use.

· Phone usage for non-work related issues is asked to stay at a minimal.

3. Network usage

· File downloads of objects other than ADI business is urged to stay at a minimal.

o This is asked of employees to avoid the downloading of music, movies, etc. in order to not become disruptive of other employees by slowing down the system.

4. E-mail

· All information distributed on employee emails is available for review by ADI at any time.

o Sending of any spam emails, junk mail, viruses and other disruptive emails is prohibited.

o Inappropriate langue and images sent via email are frowned upon and not tolerated at ADI.

5. Language

· There is zero tolerance for inappropriate language of any form while on ADI premises.

6. Employee’s Appearance

· Professional attire is required at work at all times, unless specified.

7. Time off policy

· There is a certain allotted time period allowed for taking off work. These requests can be discussed with higher personnel when needed.

8. Punctuality

· ADI asks of all employees to be punctual at all times, in order to properly represent the company.

9. Conflicts of interest

· If a conflict of interest between two or more employees should occur, respectful interactions are urged.

· If a problem should become larger than necessary any employee should inform higher authority to help resolve the problem.

10. Company confidentiality

· All information discussed, or sent out while at ADI is asked to stay confidential between employees.

o No access codes, passwords or any other company security codes are not allowed to be mentioned to anyone outside of work.

v If any of the guidelines above are not followed, serious action will be taken. These wrong and unethical actions can lead to warnings, job title stripping and ultimately termination of occupations.


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