Healthcare Reform and New Models of Care: Patient Centered , Interprofessional and Outcome – Focused

| January 22, 2016


Order Description
Select a population of patients –any age, any diagnosis, any setting-which you believe could be positively impacted by implementation of population-focused care. This population could have existing health conditions, or could simply belong to a category of individuals.Examples of populations are: adults with diabetes, pregnant teens, children with autism, preschoolers, elderly > 85 years of age, or employees of a specific company or job classification. This can be a population
from your past clinical experience, or area of interest.

Do you believe this population could benefit from the disease management, prevention-focused care that is the emphasis of the Affordable Care Act?Explain.

What specific benefits do you believe a population-health focus could have for your chosen population? Please explain. You can use information from:
your literature search, course readings,and other resources,
?educational or policy materials from clinical agency
interviews with health providers, clinicians or other appropriate professionals

What do you see as a primary barrier that prevents more population-focused care for your specific population? The barrier could be financial, psychological, societal, age-related, etc.How could this barrier be managed or overcome?

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