Healthcare Business Profile

| February 14, 2018

Choose a Hospital in
your area and research their website to prepare a business profile. Using the
items outlined in your text, do enough research to provide at minimum the
following information:
Name of the Hospital – The Regional Medical
Center (RMC)
Type of Business (Profit – Not for Profit) The
Regional Medical Center is a non-profit hospital owned by Orangeburg and
Calhoun counties.
Public Or Private ownership First established as
a private hospital in 1919, owned by orangeburg and Calhoun counties.
History of the organization-It was founded as a
private hospital named Orangeburg Hospital in***** Charles A. Mobley, a surgeon
whose father and grandfather were also South Carolina surgeons.[3] A nursing
school was soon added. In 1924 the hospital had outgrown its original building,
so a new hospital was built directly in front of the original one. By 1936 the
staff consisted of eleven general medical practitioners and three surgeons.
Business units or sub businesses
Revenue yearly (if available)
Number of employees (Local and National) The
Regional Medical Center has 100 physicians on staff, over 1,200 employees and
150 volunteers.
Any other facts or information would be helpful.
Your submission should be in APA report form and
a be minimum of 400 words.

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