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| August 30, 2017

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Study of Treatment of Acute Appendicitis

One of the problems in the treatments of acute appendicitis is that perforation of the appendix cannot be predicted accurately. Since the consequences of perforation are serious, surgeons tend to be conservative by removing the appendix. Koepsel et al attempted to relate the occurrence (or absence) of perforation to a variety of risk factors to enable better assessment of the risk of perforation. Part of the study’s data has been entered for you in the SPSS data file called Perforation. The variables are as follows: perforation status, gender, age in years, duration of symptoms in hours prior to physician contact, time from physician contact to operation (in hours), white blood count in thousands, and gangrene (yes/no).

Your SPSS exercise will consist of two parts.

Part I: There are data forms available below labeled “Study of Treatment of Acute Appendicitis” Open this data file and print the forms.. Please make an SPSS data file for the data contained in these forms. Save the data file and email it to me as part of your assignment.

Part II: Open the larger Perforation data file that I have entered for you (which is also given below), and complete the following analyses.

a) Split the file on the perforation variable and do means and standard deviation for all quantitative variables for subjects who do and do not have perforations.

b) Again, with the split data file on the perforation variable and do frequencies for gender and presence or absence of gangrene.

c) Write a short paragraph about what you found in a) and b)

d) Turn in your paragraph and the computer output from the analysis you completed in a) and b).

(Biostatistics: A Methodology for the Health Sciences; LD Fisher, G van Belle, John Wiley & Sons, 1993, pp. 680-683)”>Study of Treatment of Acute AppendicitisDescription: review the documentDescription: iew in a new window

.sav” href=””>PerforationDescription: iew in a new window This file opens in SPSS.

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